Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Coupla New Links

"Time for an update," says one of my few loyal listeners. So today's a twofer: an obligatory Super Bowl post (confront the pain) and this, an introduction to two new links on my side-bar.

I'd like to introduce you all to my bud Petrie, his wife Trixie and the fruit of her womb, Mia (the only one of the three who gets her real name on the interwebs). Mia's my new girlfriend and she has her own blog titled at right "My Buddy's Baby Girl," a title more explanatory to the average Borrowed Suits reader than its real name, "Mia's Adventure Through Babyland."

OK, it's the human version of a "cat blog," and it seems like everyone and their sister writes a blog about their kids. Who gives a shit about your damn kids?! But Petrie is a good writer -- downright entertaining, actually -- and like I said, Mia's my new girlfriend, so they're up there. When he puts in a real post (rather than just putting up a bloody picture so everyone can see how impossibly cute his issue is) Petrie's a fun read. Go get to know him. (No children were harmed in the making of this blog.)

The other new link is "Poor Sports," a site where four buddies put their bitching on line. Because they're Philadelphia guys, there's plenty to bitch about. I admit to a significant sprinkling of schadenfreude in my affinity for these guys, especially since what shall henceforth be known as Black Sunday, February 3, 2008. That said, any time you get to listen to four buddies intelligently and glibly skewer the teams they love (and everyone else's), it's fun to eavesdrop. Plus, Philly fans hate the Giants more than they resent the Patriots (generally speaking), which makes it one of the few sports blogs that are safe viewing for Pats fans.

First Poor Sports post today is a gem: A recipe for Rose Jam Tartlettes with Cream Topping. "WTF?" you ask. The answer is in the comments:
I understand that you are upset with the Giants talk, but this is such a harsh reaction.
-- by PotsNPans

I can get behind that.


the Drunken Housewife said...

Although you express your disdain for parent blogs, I catch you weighing in on the Iris and Lola wars from time to time. (Iris and Lola are freakish children, though, not regular ones, I must say).

Dutch's Wormhole said...

i love the first link on your blog being the rose jam tartlettes. thanks for the link, im glad to be linked up to a thoughtful, albeit pat loving, blog.

Brown said...

We can't be faulted for the location of our birth. Thanks for stopping by.