Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chubby Gears Up

Many of you will remember Chubby, my almost faithful side-kick of last summer's half-marinsanothon-bikewreckstravaganza. Well, she's at it again. And this time, very likely without my help.

Her goal: raise some cash for the Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

Both of our grandfathers died from cancer. Our mom's dad, Jim, was able to die with dignity, in our home with my mom and my Gram at his bedside. Much of that was due to the fine care--first curative then palliative--he received at Norris Cotton. Here is a link about where your donation will go.

Chubby's a tough nut, but she's got her work cut out for her. Last attempt at the Covered Bridges half ended in a drop-out due to extensive foot blisters. You know (or can read) the story of last summer's assault on the CHaD with me--plantar fasciitis was the culprit then.

Please chip in with a donation and help her reach her goal of raising $1000. A dollar donated is 100% inspiration, and every bit helps.

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Chubby ----> said...

Aww.. thanks! Plus, you get poop stories free of charge. And who doesn't like a good poop story?