Saturday, December 2, 2006

IRV. Watch this space.

Buy your ex-rep a beer. It might get you into a decent conversation.

I was down at my local tonight (Ruski's) getting the final touches put on a nice warm feeling of EtOH inebriation and found John Eder (G) in a corner with some friends. I sent him a pint of PBR and earned myself a fine conversation on the potential benefits of Instant Run-off Voting (a system I heartily endorse).

Sadly, John was edged out in a fierce campaign by a local Dem (ah, the heart aches). But one of the things we chatted about was the general virtue of IRV. Watch this space for an entry that I hope will be as elucidating as my evening was inebreating.

(It took me about five minutes to type this. A good night.)

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Rob Richie said...

Excellent! IRV is happening around the nation, and Maine is a very good state for it. Check out and FairVote's IRV point-person Ryan Griffin at

- Rob Richie, FairVote