Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Brief Hiatus

I feed myself as a carpenter. These days work is tough to come by here in Maine. At least for a young guy like myself (and my partner) who aren't fully established, with a book of business and a strong word-of-mouth network. In fact, I've basically been unemployed for about a mouth and a half.

I've been in Providence since Tuesday, grabbing work where I can. A friend of mine has bought a three level mansard-style building (late 1880s vintage) in a neighborhood behind Federal Hill. We're rennovating it, starting with the top floor.

This involves a lot of demolition and trips to the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Center (RIRRC), an awesome wasteland of trash. We've levelled and strengthend the floor in the front and once we've worked our way to the back of the house we'll drop the old plaster ceiling and begin the remodel. So my posts will be intermittant at best for a while.

Today, I'm hoping to do one on the Pats v. the Fins and a follow up on some local politics: a case for IRV in Maine and a piece on Portland's transportation issues. Stay tuned.

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