Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What it means to be from Maine

Pictures courtesy Eugene Cole at The Bollard:

I like that last one because it isn't often that you see someone caught in a curl with snowy fields in the background.


S. R. said...

Outstanding pictures Jim. The most I've seen of Maine is driving into York from the south and eating a bowl of clam chowder.

Jim said...

Shoot, man. You haven't even gotten to Maine yet.

Half the state thinks Portland's part of Massachusetts anyway. said...

You certainly don't see that very often!

s.r. hasn't yet had the pleasure of venturing up to Limestone...although, 10 hours in a line of traffic can hardly be associated with "pleasure"...BUT, with enough tunes and green, it's easily forgotten.

Besides those types of pilgrimages, I have to admit that the furthest in that I get is the State Theatre in Portland. Though, I did spend time in York last summer...same time as Dubya was at his folks' place in Kennebunkport...come to think of it:

Just finished turning in two papers that were due tonight, and my head got a whole lot lighter all at once. Compared with writing about software testing and object oriented methods, typing out words that remind me of this life in New England is pretty sweet.

s.r. - it's time to pick up stakes and become one of us! said...


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