Sunday, April 29, 2007

Look Out

I know this has been a largely political blog of late. But if you look into my archives, you'll see that I indulge in writing about the New England Patriots with some frequency. There's a lot to think and talk about in the wider world, but nothing has quickened my pulse lately as much as this tidbit about my favorite sports franchise:

This man is now a Patriot:
We got him straight up for a fourth round draft pick.

Later I'll go into more detail about all the off-season moves surrounding the Pats. In the meantime, let this sink in: For the first time in his career, Tom Brady will be throwing to a premier wide-receiver. Not just a "good number one," but rather, potentially the greatest wide receiver ever to play professional football.


Silliyak said...

Just hope he doesn't get his pout on. He won't be missed out on this coast. said...

He's been to purgatory now, and Culpepper's inability to beat out the competition he was up against in Miami...even with Chambers, Booker, Welker and McMichael to throw to...has to weigh heavy on Moss at this point in his career. It wasn't Dante as much as it was him. If the ball gets delivered on time, this guy is a menace.

What this is going to do to defensive coordinators across the league is something you'd have to compare with night terrors...waking up in a cold sweat. No more lurking safeties ready to jump a route 15 yards from the line or closer. San Diego was cheating a great deal in this regard, with little cover-2 help on the sides, and Caldwell was able to burn them in what might have been the biggest play of that game, yardage-wise.

A FRESH WR corp throughout the season that is better than last season...that's the bottom line here as I see it. Two can go down in a week and we're still in good shape.

And if Moss does act up once he gets here, then he's the dumbest bastard in the history of sports, and needs to be traded for a 2nd round pick to somewhere like...Detroit.