Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Meanwhile, in the club car of the "straight" talk express...

...the hits just keep on coming.

Couric: So, Mrs. Palin, could you remind me how you spell your last name?

Palin: Oh, you know... pretty much the way you would. It's a very common name, you know, not -- I mean a lot of people have heard one like it. I spell it the same way I always, the way my mother taught me, just like you and everybody else. There's this, you know, crazy perception that we, Alaska, you know we spell just like everyone does. It's not this strange foreign country unlike Washington. But, you know, like, I, you know, I get it--this gotcha journalism we all have to deal with these days. Plus, you know I can see that Russian guy in the morning from where I live. Nkay?

I'm just going to throw this out there--hedging my bets. Could this be the most elaborate game of rope-a-dope ever perpetrated? Will Sarah Palin suddenly drop this Klondike Barbie routine at the VP debate tomorrow and absolutely blindside Joe Biden?

Or is this the greatest travesty in the history of American government?

I'm tempted to list the ways in which I am more qualified for the Vice Presidency than this ignoramus. But I know I actually fall pretty low on the list of more qualified candidates. Your average New York City cab driver, for example, has (by McCain/Palin lights) vastly more foreign policy experience than I. And probably some crime-fighting chops I don't have either.

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Grung_e_Gene said...


Palin is ludicrous. She’s a bullshitter. When faced with a topic she doesn’t know anything about, which encompasses pretty much everything, she obfuscates and fills in the time with god, america, talking points and non-sequiturs.

But it doesn’t matter. No matter how many times she makes herself look and sound ignorant, once people have made up their mind they very rarely change it. And all the ‘I have experience because Putin flies over Alaska’ comments aren’t going to sway them from their holy mission of getting Palin elected.