Thursday, June 12, 2008

"I'm voting Republican."

This is partly by way of passing on the humor, partly to experiment with embedding a video in a post. Enjoy the snarkalicious goodness.


Adam said...

So, I go to find something like this about democrats. I found this first. Even if it's for Ron Paul, it's still funny.

Jim said...

Hey: I added Stone Report to my list--you've become part of my internet practice. (I like to call it a "practice." That way, I can feel like I'm doing something, as opposed to nothing, when I'm noodling around on the 'tubes.)

Jim said...

"Ron Paul: He won't pee on your rug." Yep--that's about the best you can say for him.

Adam said...

Glad to have another reader. I mostly have it to tell folks what this thing is I do outside of work.

I'd love to make it more political, but that takes a serious amount of time that I don't have.

When Pete showed me you sent him a copy of Mother Jones, my eyes rolled into the back of my head. I almost went out and got him a copy of the American Spectator just to spite you, and I don't even know you!