Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I slapped this together because I didn't feel like doing much work today, and I got a little happy about the fact that a) this primary is finally closing down shop and b) it's been a while since I felt this good about the Democratic Party's nominee. I think the last time might have been 1992.

The transition between Microsoft Publisher and photobucket isn't seamless; the original background is a bit more nicely faded.

Also, Kissing Suzy Kolber has this great send-up of the coverage of Tuesday's primaries, proving two things at once:

1. The Main Stream Political Media has completely and utterly jumped the shark. They are the only ones who take each other seriously anymore. No one anywhere in American believes what they hear on TV, and

2. My blog is totally derivative and completely un-needed, providing the merest rubber-necking diversion on the great information superhighway. However, fear not, oh my Holmesian lovers of the intellectual marketplace: I will continue to stock my shelves with kitsch and others' overstock in new packaging, and stand in your way with my fat ass and cart fully of snot-nosed screamers while you try to take something worthwhile away from the public forum.


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