Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans in my life

My Dad: US Army, Regular and Reserve, Corps of Engineers. Service in Canal Zone and Viet Nam, numerous domestic duty stations.

My Dad's Dad: US Navy. Service in WWII, stationed in Australia and New Zealand as part of a bomb squad (munitions detection and disarm), domestic ds in DC.

Uncle: US Navy. Ret'd from Portsmouth Naval Shipyard a few years ago.

Mom's Grandfather: US Army, WWI. Purple Heart.

Cousin Chris, USA Corps of Engineers, VA.

Family friend Margaret H., formerly JAG, now with the State Dept., I believe.

My buddies Jerry (US Army) and Pete (US Army). Jerry jumps out of planes for fun. Pete's a new dad just this past month. Pete's buddies Sam and Devil: I'm rooting for them.

My good friend and role model, Dr. John, USN.

Thank you.


Chubby ----> said...

And our maternal Grandfather: mustered out with a medical discharge from the Army, WWII, due to a hearing problem prior to actual "service."

As an Italian of immigrant parents, he had a letter from his high school principal assuring the military that he was a patriotic American.

Petrie & Trixie said...

Hey friend, Thanks for the notation. It does mean alot. Same for Sam and Devil!